Did you ever say something that was clear in your own head and see the eyes of the listener(s) glaze over?

Or write it? Have you read your LinkedIn profile lately, from the POV of your intended audience?

They have very short attention spans, and it only takes nanoseconds for them to scratch their heads in astonished confusion. You were not clear in your value proposition that singularly makes you stand out as worthy, and they lose faith to be considering you for whatever you are pitching, as the disconnect buzzer goes off in their head.

And they leave. Certainly not what you intended.

How can you quantify this opportunity lost? You’ll never know.

Just don’t let this happen.

The end of the year is a perfect time to assess what you are saying, what you meant to say, and fixing it to say what you wanted to convey more clearly on your LinkedIn profile.

Think outside your bubble. Get out from under yourself and take the freedom to start fresh and clear the screen.

Plan how you will develop your career narrative.

Try a few new ideas and creative examples, including video, slide carousels, audio snippets.

Ask a friend who can be honest enough to tell you to trash your newly revised profile and try again.

If you are writing multiple versions of your career story, it’s never a wasted effort, but rather one to grow from as you reflect on what your past has made you today and what you bring your audience in your collective futures.

Just think how to be yourself so when they do call you after reading your profile, they get the same impression, twice. Be yourself.