I write this reflection every year (now my 10th edition!) on the LinkedIn changes and ideas I deem most worthy of comment. Any day is a good day to give thanks but with Thanksgiving Day 2022 coming, I have accumulated these top things to be thankful for (and I hope you agree):

Thanks, LinkedIn, for providing a global workspace where over 875 million professionals can share ideas, information, articles, and interact better every year. The market is deep, and the need to educate is wide. I’m gratified to coach 1:1, train groups, and collaborate over strategic marketing projects to make LinkedIn work seamlessly among other marketing strategies. Challenging situations accepted! Let’s grow together!

4. Thanks, everyone for continuing to keep the discussion on LinkedIn nontoxic and nonpolitical in an increasingly polarized tribal world. It’s a credit to our professional community that we maintain such high quality and appropriate business conduct in the global LinkedIn conversation. Join me in calling down political noise on LinkedIn, please, because it’s only going to get more noxious in 2023, especially in 2024.