Every seller of technical knowhow has a special sauce.

It’s like the Colonel’s special mix of spices for KFC, or the secret recipe for Dr. Pepper (a piece of original paper I once held in my previous corporate life when we acquired them, but that’s another story)….

Mine is my client centricity (ask one!).

LinkedIn’s is the algorithm, that data concoction that runs the hamster wheel fulfilling the dreams of 850+ million professionals around the world. And LinkedIn changes it, a lot, erratically, and it’s probably changing again as we speak.

Thanks to an elite few, smart (and patient) enough to test it, they review and play games with it, and publish their findings in an annual update. They save us both a lot of time and effort and graciously share their results.

I’ll summarize it later on, but I wanted to let you know that’s coming as soon as they send it to me. There I’ll give you some new algo tips that will expand your posts’ readership and suggest ways to improve what others see from their search results to help find you more readily.

Also, worth mentioning, I will start writing my serialized posts “Top Things to Be Thankful For on LinkedIn” and this makes the 10th year I have done so (how can that be???). They will form the posts that precede our American Thanksgiving Thursday 24Nov22. So stay tuned for that too. A lot of you have commented on it in the past years. I hope you will again.

Yes, it has a bit of pluck in it and can tend to be introspectively tender and I’ll try to keep it juicy.

OK, I got carried away…but a foreshadow of 2 things I am promising you.

Just please be patient.