My client lamented that line when I reviewed her homework. Yes, I worked her hard.

Because she had no idea what she was capable of, as I applied my coaching. And she accomplished my goal for her, her goal too, in a crescendo to envelope her career narrative. Yes, she aced her profile (her words too).

I only helped her as her coach. She did the heavy lifting.

Minutes ago I just finished a 30-minute intense exercise video called “A Higher Burn,” in which Jordan, my virtual exercise coach, kicked my butt, and extended all the other muscles I forgot I ever had to stretch. His favorite line is “don’t stop” to encourage us to keep moving. It’s a higher-level exercise video with emphasis on the body parts, especially the core, all  places I want to emphasize, tighten, and strengthen.

Not without grumbling but when I completed the 30 minutes, I felt great. Still do.

LinkedIn profile renovation is hard too: it stretches you, it comes with some temporary coaching assignment aches, but it  grows your stamina and endurance as a competitor in the strenuous global marketplace.

Jordan, at about the 15-minute mark I considered stopping, putting it aside for another day. Not a rainy gloomy Monday morning as it is today. I don’t know about you, Jordan, but dreary weather saps my energy, so I am disinclined to exercise any more than needed as a direct function of the sun in the sky. But you pushed me through it to the end.

Jordan, thanks for the kick in the back of my sweatpants.

LinkedIn coaching and exercise are actually great workouts, body and mind, respectively.