Harvest time, leaves changing color, crisp mornings, and crunchy leaves, and a few scary things come across my LinkedIn screen:

  1. A small number of people abuse LinkedIn and those of us who “work” it seem to be fighting a never-ending battle for the business pursuit of happiness, as the forces of dark evil seem to envelope me and my fellow knights on white steeds who try to vanquish them.
  2. LinkedIn is not stringent in enforcing the rules and relies on us to police it. First the zombie bots open a case and evaluate it. Then you are notified that your report has been disgorged and dismembered. It always (!) takes another human to review your appeal and sometimes there is justice. And sometimes the death of a report enters Purgatory, all too often it never gets to enjoy an afterlife.
  3. LinkedIn Audio still doesn’t seem to work right, though it was held back from many of us who really wanted to use it, for…tech issues. Then when they released it had…tech issues. I even sat in on an Audio session of many LinkedIn product managers discussing Audio and they had…tech issues…getting the thing to start. Hmmm…..now I am not so much in a hurry to have…tech issues…with a podcast I had planned. Boo! (as in tech ghosts howling, not necessarily as in crowds sneering and jeering.)
  4. LinkedIn coaches and trainers are often towards the last group to get the newest amenities. I cannot get my hollowed out pumpkin head around the fact the pendulum never swings towards its greatest advocates. It’s the pits!
  5. Finally, there are new constant minor bells and whistles added, more and more to learn every day or week, but somehow Groups are still broken (and if refashioned could be such a huge interactive think tank)!. People still can’t craft their profile well, so what’s the use of their learning the basics or even wanting to rewrite it, if it’s moving downstream so fast as to never be caught up with? Like Dementors in “Harry Potter”!
  6. LinkedIn controls what you see in your feed, always reverting to the deadly “Top Updates” by default, rather than the lively “Recent Updates.” Like the tell-tale heart, it keeps thumping back the same old-same old posts day after day, night after night without change. You have to kill it to stop it from  this torture.

Ok, I will munch on some candy corn now to revive my energy level with pure high fructose corn syrup and wish you Happy Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Día de Muertos, or whatever you call it in your country, my goblin global LinkedIn audience.