He lost his job. Nothing he did, just the product he lorded over was finally acknowledged to be outside the company’s future path.

He was more than ready to hit the electronic pavement!

His had already renovated his LinkedIn profile focused on his skills and accomplishments, accumulated and stacked like cards in his back pocket to play on the interview card table when needed. He gathered the recommendations of known experts in his field to add the personal reputational value that only great recommendations add to a profile, each recommender chosen for a specific anecdote and each skill story designed to clearly make the reader see his worth, his amazing-er-ness, along the lines of

That Bob, you see his skills that demonstrate his “why” ? Well, let me tell you as a recommender “how” well he demonstrated his “why” that time when he showed me his prowess when he {…}.

The profile was ready for prime time. It  is an arsenal of accomplishments, a career narrative.

He messaged out to his connections what happened, that he was ready to move to that next challenge and grow and help the next employer grow at the same time, all encased in a precise summary of what he was looking for, how he could deliver those past and present skills he earned, to work for a future employer. Past-present-future.

The connections got the word out. The network networked. That’s the magic part, people who appreciate your talents will put forth your worth to others to admire, examine and act.

So as would be expected, it took a few weeks, but the InMails started coming in, from prospective employers who  were referred to him, needed his talents, reviewed his profile, then properly impressed, messaged him.

He interviewed, and demonstrated the same persona in voice and video as appeared on his profile, so well, that the offers came in.

Weighing carefully and pursuing a future as a senior experienced prospective employee, the negotiations concluded, and the bundleful of promises were documented in a job offer of his dreams.

He starts next month.

Not a fable, not exaggerated, a real story. Because he aced LinkedIn and its activity, handling  the power tool it is, with respect for optimizing its design and carefully getting the most out of it. Efficiently and efficaciously.

You can do this too. It’s all in the “wrist action.”