What if your employer shuts down your division? What if you lost your job most unexpectedly today?

Will you wildly tailspin to make changes to your LinkedIn profile to make yourself attractive as a job candidate? Will you rush to get something, anything, up on the profile? Or have you already considered that in a job, out of a job, working for yourself, retired and wanting to go back to work, and/or just wanting to offer some insight into your self-marketed persona, you already have a pretty good profile already?

You are foresighted if you planned it out, you are comfortable with the image it portrays. OK, maybe it needs a tweak or an update to show your current employment status and the enecore you seek. But you don’t have to panic-write the profile from scratch.

Ah, that’s the way to think: think ahead because life comes at us so fast and furious that we often need to be ready for anything.

Be a good LinkedIn-scout: be prepared.