Year-end giving is approaching. Spending in inflation is often reallocated and geared to necessities. Ukraine, COVID, politics, they all compete for the same dollars you seek for your mission.

And that other nonprofit in your building, down the hall, and yes, in some cases, in shared office space, they are vying for the same dollars, the same donors, the same volunteer time, the same expertise you seek.

And I have been told some grantors are asking for your LInkedin profile to make their assessment, as part of the other items they consider.

So yes, welcome to for-profit competitiveness, with a modern twist of the urgency to make your needs more important than the others.

So how do you step out and step it up?

You build a case for yourself as apro, your organization as a cohesive, competitive unit, and make your case to the world.

Yes, the world, because donors are all over the face of the earth today and the internet allows them to give as if they were in the same zip code.

Offering you a guidebook to thinking more globally and more profitably, I wrote what remains the only LinkedIn concepts book for nonprofit pros on the market. Because you need it to think and act and appear and receive differently, amazinger-ly.

And how do I know this is needed? Because I just presented to a room full of nonprofit development officers, consultants, and EDs, and let em tell you, they were wrapt in what I was telling them, thinking as what I sensitized them to conceptual material they never considered.

So yes, a shameless plug for a small investment in your success, have a look at my book, available on Amazon: You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals Who Really Want to Make a Difference”

Investments pay dividends.