People whom I work with to renovate their LinkedIn profile tell me they are:

  • reticent to talk about themselves because they were taught to be seen and not heard
  • concerned about telling their career story because no one cares
  • afraid to share others’ published materials because they are concerned about copyright infringement
  • hesitant to offer their opinion about others’ published materials, especially when they disagree professionally within their areas of expertise
  • not willing to invest enough time to do a good job of it, and that self-defeating attitude keeps them stuck in neutral
  • (and finally, the one that most flabbergasts me), not sure what their audience(s) will find interesting.

So they shake, but they don’t rattle or roll.

My job: I shake them up (nicely) and rattle their self-locking cages and help them (plead too) to roll out their pent-up saga.

I implore them to be real, relevant and relatable. Yes, adult-level 3 R’s.

More on each of these in the coming weeks to help pathfind the way to better recognition as an expert, worth contacting for help.

Isn’t that what we are here for?