You get them. I do too. Waves of unsolicited invitations to connect, coming from blond Harvard grads who worked at a big company who now cut hair in Ghana, wearing low-cut blouses.


For my female readers, I know quite a few report get “hit on” on LinkedIn, which is certaInly unacceptable too. Male readers too, I might add.

Here’s what to do:

LinkedIn outlines its process for its AI (artificial intelligence) weeding out these thorns in our sides, in a Help Center entry  including tech talk and a funnel diagram to illustrate.

Some frauds obviously slip through. Until humans get involved: us. You. Me.

As LinkedIn says in the above link (I added the bold font):

A human element will always be necessary to catch fake accounts that have evaded our models. While we strive to take down fake accounts before they interact with our members, we also get signals from our members who report suspicious activity on the site. Members give us valuable information by reporting accounts that have not been caught by our models so that they can go through additional scoring and review.

Finally, we have a team of investigators that look for accounts that have evaded all levels of automated defenses. These investigations also yield valuable signals that can subsequently be incorporated into our models.

Yes, report them.

Don’t stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away.

Put a stop to this by letting LinkedIn know you smell a rat. Or something else, not business-like.

They actually do investigate and respond with their punitive actions, or in some cases, lack thereof.

Yes, obvious ones to me that I reported were let alone. The same fake IDs tried me again and I reported them again, and those times LinkedIn took them down.

So, folks, better than complaining is acting to fix the situation that annoys you. Report them and let’s join forces to clean out the fakes.

And please, do not connect to people you do not know….for the above reasons that you cannot be sure they are worthy unless you vet them. So you will know how to report them, aha, that’s a blog entry I posted from another time.