Wirecutter, the highly-respected New York Times product/service review, ran a feature article on social media security management that mention LinkedIn and your need for security awareness.

I suggest you read the entire article and take steps to protect yourself. Your LinkedIn profile is, after all, an asset, like any property you own and take care of.

I will quote the article’s comments about LinkedIn and refer you to the underlined for the curated links:

Since LinkedIn is built for work, you might not think much about privacy on that platform, but it has several privacy options related to visibility, who can message you, and more. LinkedIn also has an entire section on how it uses the data it collects about you, including your search history, your demographics, and whether the company can use that data for research. Most of these options are on by default. If you don’t opt out of personalized ads, the company can leverage your work history, demographics, and education for advertisers.

Don’t procrastinate on this, please.