In a fast-paced entrepreneurial world, we rarely stop long enough to evaluate the effect and implications of an action we take. We may look around to see what others are doing. We may be presented to what others are doing because others are doing it. We may just jump on the proverbial bandwagon without first listening to the music to see if it’s what we want to be associated with.

Case in point: LinkedIn polls.


I rarely see one that asks a good question or comes up with information that we can use. Polls have become LinkedIn’s shiny penny and  too many suffer from that syndrome.

A poll for the sake of a poll. Ugh again.

I did see one poll the other day that I actually admired. Arianna Huffington’s people put some good thought to it (see above) as you can see in the interaction and comments from thousands of people who voted. Of course, it also helps that she is widely  recognized for her quality content, is well-connected, -followed, and uses LinkedIn well.

I do find the poll results interesting and beneficial to advise my job-seeking clients.

Don’t be one of the shiny penny collectors who ask yes-no LinkedIn poll questions, or the all-time worst, whether or not you like ketchup on your french fries (yes, it actually happened!)

Be more like Arianna Huffington.