Remember noodling through those logic challenges on standardized tests?

August seems to be hump month like Wednesday seems to be hump day.

It’s kinda quiet out there!

People are away or not paying too much attention to business.

Many seem to be ready to revv up for the reincarnation of normal business that starts in September and takes us to the end of the year. But not quite yet.

How are you using this time?

  • I am adding new connections via zoom chats with new networking contacts.
  • I am designing 2 new online courses for Lawline.
  • I am writing a new prezo (see Monday’s blog post) called “LinkedIn: where the good stuff is hidden” for a networking group. I think I can get some good mileage with that title and allow it to change as LInkedIn changes.
  • I am writing to you here. I know you are out there, I can hear your eyeballs moving!

I always chuckle when I think about that old Geico commercial they dust off every so often with the camel walking around an office wishing everyone “Happy Hump Day.”

Amid the drought and extreme heat, I wish you Happy Hump Month.