I have written here of an Ask Me Anything group I sponsor once a week, held via Zoom among a drop-in group of fellow networking members.

My blog post last week “Are You Kidding Me?” contained a story I related of a successful businessperson who strutted in the networking group to the exclusion of being empathetic to those of us struggling early in our entrepreneurship.

He taught me nothing but contempt. It was that obnoxious, week-in and week-out, with his successes since we last heard him (not listened).

One of the AMA regulars was worried that she looked too egotistical in her LInkedIn profile

Knowing her for about 20 years, I responded “No way! You are just telling the story of the skills you learned along the way that make you who you are today.”

Others listened and piped in with questions how to tell their career narrative without being overbearing.

My message continued, reinforced as I told them:

If you won’t tell it, who will?

If it is others who have seen you in action, they can:

  • endorse you for skills they have seen you practice as an expert
  • recommend you using  stories and examples of yeoman work you did under pressure
  • send you emails congratulating you on a job well done and you can use these anonymous quotes in the body of your About or Experience sections.

So three powerful ways to use others’ words and gestures to tell your “why” without going over the top.

Don’t hold back examples of your excellent work. Just find ways to demonstrate them that work with your ego, brand, and overall market message.

You can, and must do this.