• your profile has petrified but you don’t know it. Lost all its spark, its electricity, its power. Fizzzzit…the profile dimmed.
  • a reader looks at your profile to see who has recommended you and the latest one is 6 years old. And it’s anemic. And they leave.
  • your last post on LInkedIn was never, or more than 2  months ago. One is as bad as the other. Do you REALLY have nothing to say? They leave.
  • you still use “pipes” ( | ) on your headline between keywords. You look like you haven’t gotten up to speed with the latest style on LInkedIn headlines, i.e., narrative and using the word “I help others to.” They leave roadrunner-fast.
  • you still show a laundry list of keywords as the final paragraph in your About section. You are showing the stains and wrinkles of old another format. The dust that was kicked up as they leave chokes you.

Look at your profile. It may be that you are embarrassed if any of the above apply to you. You should be.

Your profile needs to adjust to the 2020’s decade style that is common. Not last decade’s. Or last century’s which would be far worse!

Coaching and educational webinars abound. Get informed.

Please check the publication date of the YouTube or recorded webinar to be sure it is recent.

Just don’t be embarrassing, to you or to anyone who might have referred you, but it is withheld because you look like a luddite.

No dinosaurs get hired anymore.