man holding baseball bat on green field

You are proud of your accomplishments. You earned your stripes. You are paid for being adept at applying broad trends and paying attention to details.

So if you are perceived as missing a detail, your reputation is permanently tarnished to the reader of your work, reflects poorly on your mutual referral, and makes your LinkedIn profile easily departable.

Just happened.

I am reading a profile. It’s missing a few things. Much more so than the average profile I come across.

I saw his contact info only contained a Linkedin-assigned profile URL.  That’s all folks.

Missing some vitals, like, how do we contact you?

Where are you located (because geography still matters in our zoom world, and time zones are a nuisance)! If your presence or availability is needed right away to solve an immediate concern, having to wait a few hours for your office to open can be traumatic. No address. Not even a city/state.

No cell phone number (because I may want to text him).

No email address.

No website URL to find any of the above.

Little narrative offered in his About and Experience sections, all  seemingly lifted from a resume. Minimum to get by.

Finally, exact duplicate entries for college years, like he went twice simultaneously.

His field of work presumes great attention to detail.

If he can’t pay attention to his own perception, why would I entrust him with my important details?

Do you hire someone who does the minimum? I don’t.

He struck out before I even listened to his pitch. Before he appeared at home plate to even try. Baseball puns intended.