Frequently when I meet new people, or they are referred to me, I review their profile to see what “fit” there is, what common grounds we share, anything to make the conversation flow better. Then I offer a zoom chat and look for their email address in their Contact Details, and there’s nothing there!

But, I ponder, to what email address do I send the calendar invite?

So it’s back to a LinkedIn message asking for their email address. Counterintuitive? Wasted time?

I think so.

Why would you not show your email address on your LInkedIn profile?

Don’t want emails?

And while I am there, why did you not list your cell phone number too?

Don’t want texts?

Pu-leze, no excuses that you get spammed–just block the spammers’ email addresses and cell numbers! That’s not holding water with me.

It comes to this: No email address, no cell number…no new opportunities.