I am carving another notch in the experience stick.  I had a work anniversary last weekend. It was my electronic payments business, now 21 years 1 month, and maturing.

All weekend I kept getting congratulations messages from people all over the world. Nice.

What was curious, and please do not interpret this as ungrateful, is that so far (as of this writing), they are mostly from people I do not know! They are second and third degree connections.

Perhaps they follow me. Or perhaps they are trolling and just plain polite enough to let me know they appreciate my content.

I’ll take that as a compliment.

So word to the LinkedIn-wise, congratulate people on their work anniversaries, but in words, not emojis please, because LinkedIn is really steadfast in notifying you who is celebrating when.

Your job? Send them a quick note.

You could click the boilerplate “Congratulations Marc W.” but if you do send that one in particular, I’ll know you took the fast, easy way out.

I prefer your direct and personalized note in addition to congratulating me:

“How am I doing?” I am doing well.

“Wow that’s a milestone!” Indeed, a small business that survives 21 years (so far!) is a credit to my clients and how they want to be treated.

Like you mean it…because if you took the effort to ask, you do.

Or if you must (as a last resort) just send me a “Congrats, Marc” and I will know you took the time to send a customized message.

After all, how long does it take to type those 14 characters on your keyboard?