I joined a new networking group a couple of years ago and was suddenly faced with hundreds of names and contacts. Some I knew from past groups and others totally new to me.

I thought of a few ways to infiltrate the network and came up with an idea that has served me well.

I offer this to those of you who may not have opted to do this yet, in hopes it helps you.

I have an offering that everyone needs: insight into LinkedIn best practices.

Most of the real “movers and shakers” in this new group had passable LinkedIn profiles. If they did, you can imagine the state of repair some of the outliers were in!

So I contacted the manager of the group and asked if I could offer a free half-hour once a week on a regular basis, drop-in/no commitment, for only members of the group.

I dubbed it “Ask Me Anything” (on LinkedIn). Or shortened to “AMAs.”

On September 20, 2020 I invited the entire group to attend my inaugural AMA session. And with time, we developed a core group of “regulars” and often have sporadic attendees. That half hour became 45 minutes and sometimes the conversation is so good we approach an hour.

I opened my heart and mind to them and they warmly appreciate the answers to their how-to questions and advice I freely give them.

To keep it interesting, I morphed some sessions to a group critique of a member’s LinkedIn profile, on a volunteer basis for the receiver, and for me, and them, this has been a most rewarding result of the AMAs. I get to hear and see how they have absorbed my LinkedIn best practice concepts and implement them as advice to a fellow attendee.

Does it dilute my brand? Heck no!

Does it get any better than that? Well yes.

It earned me continuous new connectivity, turned into multiple paid gigs, a surprising number of one-to-one coaching arrangements, industry group training, and even a referral (in the works) to a large corporation!

The ROI? Infinite!

The friendship and respect from my peers? Priceless!

Blogger's note: tomorrow starts the Independence Day holiday weekend and the boss gave me the day off. 
See you back here Tuesday July 5th.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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