If you read me here, you already know you can post your summary career statement in your About section, supported by cogent descriptions of past and present jobs in your Experience section.

Not that this an easy task, but often that’s where many people stop paying attention. Especially senior managers.

Well, yes, folks, there’s more. A lot more.

And you want to display a complete profile, not just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and hope they bite.

Do not forget there’s the add-on sections that you cherry pick from the “add profile section” button at the bottom of your topcard (you know the box that contains your name, location, headline, etc.)

(Red outline added for emphasis.)

It opens up and offers you some really great subsections to augment and reinforce additional insights into your “why.”

It breaks into three sections:




with subsections under each, worth completing, using marketing-speak to tell why each item you add is central to understanding your being amazing-er than the competition.

Jump into each and tell us, or else we will never know.

Facts yes, but when built from small blocks to larger, creatively, you will win every time!

There you go, more sections to tell us about yourself, hidden, in plain sight!