man wearing green polo shirt

The former client and I scheduled a zoom chat. It was long overdue.

He had been looking for a new position, a classic Great Resignation story.

When he turned his camera on, there he was, grinning from ear to ear.

“What?” I asked. “Has to be some big news, so spill it.”

“I got my dream job.”

So we unpacked the good news and yes, dear reader, he owes it to LinkedIn.

The application was sent via LinkedIn, no resume, just his LinkedIn profile. He was summoned for an interview, in which he added meat to the profile bones for a 360 view of his qualification for the position. He was vouched for by an internal employee who was already a first-degree connection. He slam-dunked his career narrative and told stories about his “why.”

Bonus take-aways: He has a new outlook, improved his salary, is working remotely so no long commute, enjoys more lenient benefits, and is afforded even more creative freedom to experiment and bask in other coworkers’ ideas.

A win-win-win-win and then some.

All of that of course, made me very happy.

Not that I had any real dramatic part of this, except I ensured his LinkedIn profile was amazing-er than the competitors. He did the heavy lifting; all I did was polish it to a warm patina.

Oh, did I mention he is in his late 60s?

LinkedIn is not only a job board, but a very effective one when needed as such.