child in gray jacket and red pants riding red bicycle on brown sand during daytime

I received 2 voice mails in rapid succession.

I replayed the first, several times. No idea who they were, what they wanted, or if this was a legit call. The only thing I could make out from the person’s poor diction was a phone number.

Popped that message into the trash! I am not working that hard.

I played the other message. Different caller, different reason (at least from what I could make out) but equally as uninteresting  and unstructured that it made me again suspect that it was also not worth following up.

So into the trash that one went too! No time for figuring out what they really wanted.

That got me thinking enough that I have to ask you:

Is your LinkedIn profile imprecisely muddy and thus cast aside?

I hope not! But if it can be purified, I am the guy to help you with refining that from muck to music.