I am often amazed that Thursday creeps up so fast on me. And every Thursday since January.

Thursdays are full with an accountability partner zoom session and then a routine weekly “ask me anything” session, then lunch, then the rest of the things that are needed to keep up. Often there is a LinkedIn coaching session in late afternoon. I emerge from my home office tired yet satisfied.

Other days of the week are not so packed.

I try to reserve one afternoon a week for 5 blog posts to write, tweak, and schedule future dates to appear. Another morning or afternoon to write a new course to deliver in a couple of months, as they are scheduled. Each is custom-designed for the audience and requires time to think through, execute, and refine.

The days feel short, but when you think about it, even starting at 630 am, they seem to speed by and suddenly it’s lunch, then soon after it’s 500pm, my self-imposed mandatory quitting time.

Interspersed come the emails, the LinkedIn messages, and the like. They await my jingle. Open, handle, save/delete, follow up.

Are yours day like that too? Let me know please.