The snail mail arrived. One lonely envelope in the mailbox. Printed in red bold letters on the front:


Investment information enclosed!

I noticed it was in a window envelope, mailed bulk rate, and no company on the return address. Just a PO box in the midwest. Hmmmm…

Not looking very official, so not something that needed my  immediate attention despite the dire warning. So I put it on the counter with the other junk to be shredded.

But something nagged at me. Curiosity? Foolishness? The unknown beckoned me.

Nope not for long. The facts led me to a decision. Not to open it.

How many earlier expectations of similar unique get-rich dreams had been dashed so many other times before? Was this the one?

Or was it another bitcoin idea I do not need? How to invest in 1800′s gold and silver coins with no commissions?

How to beat the system?

So I dutifully shredded it and yes, cue the sound pssssssssssssst, the balloon letting out air of my hope to retire to the French Riviera.

It couldn’t hold any promise of being interesting because the outside was not correlating to might be. Despite 2 cautionary warning lines outside.

Is this like your LinkedIn profile? Are you sending mixed messages with an OK headline and an anemic profile following it?

Does the start of the impression lead to disappointment? Or lead to no where?

Or does the reader even bother to open your profile at all?

Cue the sound of the roadrunner meep meep as he speeds away, a cloud behind him. The problem is, you never hear it because you will never know how many people left your profile-and you-in the dust.

Be really realistic inside and out. Have an amazing-er profile than your competitor(s).