Well, I finally got brave.

Truth be told, I have a big event in late June that spooks me from attending in-person events until the big date’s passed and I can be sure nothing keeps me from it: not a virus or a fear of a virus or the threat of a virus or the very topic of a virus.

I was invited to, and accepted, a “live” booking for a talk. OK, it’s in early September. But I pulled the speaker trigger and committed to them and it’s not on zoom this time.

Now I know some of my fellow speakers have been appearing in the flesh (and then some) for a few months to elevate their attendees at various public venues. They take trains, planes, and automobiles to get to their destination.

Not me just yet.

I was not ready until I got this single invitation and it just made sense. Yes, I will drive there. So most of the environment is under control.

I wonder how it will feel.

Audience. Lights. PA system. The old days….

I am spooked by a microbe. I am bigger than that.

I have all summer to get mentally prepared.

Suggestions are encouraged. Let me hear from you.