She actually asked it at the end of the podcast interview. I thought for a second, “Hadn’t she helped me enough, offering to interview me and expose my contribution to her readership? No, she asked to help me more. So I accepted her offer.

After all, I am an entrepreneur, made better by the contributions from my entourage of trusted helping colleagues. I always have an “ask” ready for any situation.

Which got me thinking…about you.

“How can I help you” is all too infrequently asked in zoom chats, podcasts, videos, etc. It’s almost as if we neither expect it to be asked so it is not offered, or it’s not in the other person’s repertoire.

How jaded we have become.

I make it my business to ask you “how can I help you” in business.

I make it my habit to habitually add to others’ good habits.

I find a way to pathfind my way out of problems and either anticipate them or solve them immediately upon notice, as if they were my own. Because if they are my clients’ challenge,. they are mine too.

So when a client has not asked me for help in a while, I check in with them to see if there are any unspoken concerns they have that I can solve. That’s how I can help them, and me, to a better client-vendor relationship, and in rare but appreciated situations, to making me a part of their outsourced expertise team.

I’ll take that offer to help and raise it to the highest level. You can too. How can I help you further?