Last week when we held a LinkedIn Event, I promised to send a LinkedIn message to all registrants with the zoom invitation credentials to join the webinar.

With a simple LinkedIn message sent to each, that worked fine for all our first-level connections on LinkedIn.

But not for those with whom we were not directly connected. Uh oh.

So being the dutiful co-host, I opened each second- and third-level connection’s LinkedIn profile, clicked “contact details,” and in most cases, alas, there was no email address listed. Uh oh again.

If there was an email address, I fully understood that my message probably would get hung up in their spam folder, but what else could I do?

In some cases I was able to go to their website, find an email address there and use that. But that was a lot more work than I had time and patience to perform. OK, I did it anyway.

For the rest, that meant using precious Inmails, of which I sent more than a few to the rest of the list. And to my chagrin, very few of them actually opened them.

Which leads to my urgent suggestion: add your email address (the one you monitor most carefully) to your contact details. Do it now.

While you are in there making that change, add your mobile phone number there too. Do that now too.

You never want to be out of the loop when someone is trying to communicate with you.

Don’t expect a prospect will work so hard to figure out a way to get a hold of you. They won’t, not as hard as I did!

Be easily accessible in all ways.