Each rock is unbalanced, asymmetric. Each rock has its own center of gravity. Each rock has irregular sides.

So do you. You are imperfect, and as hard as you try, your center point moves as you morph. Everything, everyone you come into contact with rubs off a little on you. Your center of gravity moves a bit. Hopefully you are better for each encounter.

And when you find that special someone (speaking professionally here), that’s the rock-on-rock, balance point-on-balance point that you seek to make an ugly  pile of rocks a zen image. And you put it all together! And you repeat it again and again.

Have a special someone, a special occurrence, a special story to tell us? Make the chapters of that story a part of your LinkedIn profile.

Then, when you have expressed that zen image in words and/or multimedia, and you arrange to meet someone on zoom or as a guest on their podcast, when they recount that story to you (and the audience as the case may be), you know they have absorbed the story far faster and more deeply than factoids you plopped in to your profile.

Those zen moments–they are all a part of you. You just need to let them bubble up.

As my old high school pal Marcus Aurelius said,

Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up if you ever dig.

Dig for those imperfect stones and then pile them one on top of the other in perfect balance.

Tell us your stories of why accordingly.