It’s starting again. It used to be female Ghanaian hairdressers wearing tight shirts offering to introduce me to their friends. Ugh. And after a while I made it stop.

This time it’s random, nuisance Inmails from (in the past weeks) students in other countries who want to bless me (thanks but not solicited) or just say hello (not at all normal because who dials the phone and says “hi” and hangs up?).

So no matter where you live, your educational level, what you wear, or what you have to say, make it professionally memorable and at the same time, appreciated by the person it is intended for.

And if you receive these pesty messages, you can report them to LinkedIn, but if that’s going too far for you, at least block them. After a while LinkedIn will take notice and investigate, and hopefully after enough reporting, shut them off.

Don’t put up with these annoyances that sap your energy and attention.

Place your concentration on vetting, connecting, and collaborating with valued members of your expanding entourage.

Caveat LinkedIn member.