That’s a refrain heard from all squabbling kids, challenging each other. It means nothing.

“Make me” in the context of social media, and LInkedIn in particular, does mean something: it is the reader thinking, “I will not open this post on LinkedIn” because the writer (the name and title have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent) has made it appear so empty that it’s meaningless.

Make me open this? Why would anyone even think of it? Not many I suspect. Not much to be gained, if at all.

What is the post conveying about the author’s ability to lead in thought and intellectual pursuits that we can learn from them, with a post like this?

So the reader will move on, the poster’s opportunity lost. Reputation tarnished. Post ignored.

Don’t let this happen.

A better approach: make the comment to the link interesting enough to pre-advise the reader why opening this is worth their time and effort, what they can gain from your POV, why your perspective may be refreshing or innovative.

Something like:

“In this 15 second video you will see why…” or

“I have the utmost respect for the author of this article who breaks new ground in discussing…” or

“ICYMI: what I learned when we gathered 36 professionals around (in the first of a series of a #linkedinevents) to discuss #successful posts and connections here on #linkedin. This snippet on #emojis.”

Now that’s more compelling stuff!

Definitely not what the person dropped onto LinkedIn as copied above (I can’t make this stuff up!).

I suspect the post will be suspected of being suspicious.

Create more meaningful posts…