bored formal man watching laptop at desk

This came to my email inbox on Wednesday 7:13am:

Yes, perhaps the motivational story it contains can be used daily, but the irony struck me: It was Monday, 2 days ago, and this failure is not motivating me. Late. I had other things to read.

Whose fault? It doesn’t matter. Technology? Lame excuse.

So it got me thinking: the perception of being tardy is not tolerated well in today’s fast-paced internet world.

Other examples I see often:

  1. Your proposal was sent to the target at 5:01pm after the specific deadline of close-of-business-time on the due date? I’d say that’s late. By a few hours. Because it’s likely not to be opened until the next day, if at all. Now you beg for forgiveness? Winning the proposal is not looking good.
  2. Your post announcing your LinkedIn Event is distributed 2 days before the actual date? Too late, my calendar is filled for that hour time slot. You expect me to rearrange my schedule, or circle back to listen top the recording? Doubtful.
  3. Your comment on a hot article that comes to your attention, after 895 others have commented? Too bad, your idea has already been covered, perhaps multiple times, like a snowflake in a snowstorm.
  4. You were e-introduced to someone who can be a valuable connection? A week later you realize you never replied to their initiating a zoom chat? They moved on. You’re considered a laggard. Cross making a great first impression off your list.

{My not-so-rhetorical questions:} Is this a habit? Break it. How many dollars of opportunity have you left on the table? Any wonder money is called “currency”?

The morals? Don’t expect apologies to relieve you of your misses. We judge and you lose face. Use LinkedIn (and any other tool/s you have) to keep on top of incoming opportunities.

When you get a reputation for being unreliable and notice business possibilities drying up, you have no one to blame but yourself…oh and you can try to blame technology–but tech is dependent on humans, so it’s back on you.

Be in the moment. Not days and dollars behind it.