man in white crew neck t shirt standing beside white car

I hope your readers scroll down all the way to the bottom of your profile. If so, you have done something very right: you piqued their interest so much as to have them “read all about you.”

There it is, relegated to the tailend of your profile: “Causes”

It’s a good idea to review that section now and to check to see if it gives the right image about you that you worked so hard to establish above it, on your LinkedIn profile.

Let’s just say that each cause you can select is worthy. Period. But not all available to you are what you care as deeply about as the ones you choose to select and show here.

Here’s the list with my selected causes (again, I do care about animal welfare and the others I did not click, but I just don’t think it’s/they’re what I want to display).

My choice. Don’t judge.

Make your changes, and don’t forget to click that “save button!

The result will be what you want is to be judged by: what you include, and this is what others will see.

Ask yourself: is it what you want them to know about you?

Make every snapshot of you on LinkedIn worthy of what you want others to know.