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Clocks changed this past weekend, and we lost an hour of sleep. We re-adjusted quickly.

When an appointment needs to be re-scheduled, it can ripple through the calendar. Readjustment can be tricky.

OK, I get it: sometimes we have to re-schedule, apologetically requested on an emergency basis only; for others not so much, a habitual twitch of time, spent and wasted to now rework the timeline again.

Sometimes offering a proposal comes at a most opportune time, when the sun, moon, and stars just happen to align. Bang, you get an acceptance quickly and you are soaring towards a new goal, that of helping someone with your expertise.

Conversely, sometimes the only bang you hear is your teeth gnashing: you sent a proposal and it dispersed into the ether: unresponded, unopened, underappreciated. Unbusinesslike.

Sender, make time to recollect your outstanding work (using that word as in still unanswered, and yes, as in amazing-er too) and compose how you will message the receiver to cajole professionally for their intended “yes” or “no thanks.” But in between, in a nether region, there’s just not enough time for hanging on.

Receiver, make time to thank someone for composing that custom proposal just for you and advise the sender the timing you foresee to act on it, or tell them no thanks.

Put yourself in the sender’s shoes.

Because we are all in both positions in our profession. Sending and receiving.

Time spent well or wasted on unread tea leaves is not 21st century business etiquette.

Not just LinkedIn morality here, but global professionalism we all need to be reminded.