A phone call came in. Not recognizing the caller ID number I let it go to voice mail.

“Hi Marc, I’m a 60+ year old attorney and I need help with LinkedIn. I have never had to market myself and my firm. Let’s talk.”

Sweet music to my ears, as I asked in my return call, “Who do I thank for referring you to me?”

“No one,” she replied, “I listened to your webinar on {source}. I liked what I heard, looked you up on LinkedIn, and liked the way you told your “why.”

{True story.}

And the now-client is ready for her excursion into self-branding, after listening to my recording from March 2020, the earliest days in the pandemic.

I am anxious to work with her as a tabula rasa (no website, no other social media either), starting her on the right path to 21st century self-branding.

Side note: funny how history repeats itself…I am recording a new session for the same organization this week.

As Carly Simon used to sing, “anticipation….”