LinkedIn is my go-to to find someone I have been out of touch with, because we changed industries, lost track of careers, life got in the way, and/or any other reason we grew apart.

Ah the satisfaction of finding a long-lost friend via LinkedIn!

Like the tax guru I worked with when we were young aggressive company finance folk. She had triplets and that seemed to halt her corporate tax career but she reemerged as a residential real estate agent and I found her! I always liked her and we socialized pre-children so I hoped the relationship would pick up where we left off. I messaged her on LinkedIn and she replied enthusiastically and we will soon reconnect by zoom. Can’t wait.

Or the friend from my junior year abroad, and the last time we connected he was in a city where I thought of him for some expertise for a family member for whom he could be very helpful. So I messaged him, he messaged back. and we decided to go old school and talk by phone to make the conversation more efficient. In the call he told me he was semi-retiring to my area since his spouse was form here and indeed he found a position a few towns away and we plan to reunite in the spring when he moves here. Looking forward to it!

Yes, I search for, and collect people like baseball cards, as someone described me. I just keep reordering them in the LinkedIn cigar box!

Do you reach out to others, just because, and what successful reunifications have you had?