The pandemic has to be recorded in history as two momentous years for intense introspection. I know I have expanded my thought processing and I hope you have taken it as a growth opportunity for increasing your inward improvement.

Understood, a nonprofit “dedicated to helping those who learn and think differently thrive at home, in school and in life” published a single page that hangs on my wall “15 growth mindset questions” that I will spin into ways to rethink your LinkedIn presence. This post will conclude the series. I hope you enjoyed it and it was thought-provoking.

15. What’s the next challenge to tackle?

The short answer is: you will never know. Opportunity knocks in the wildest and least expected ways. A referral, a phone call, an email, a text, a chance meeting, a LinkedIn connection: it happens 24x7x365.

Be in the moment.

Make sure your profile is updated to reflect your most current business persons (you change a lot, often subtly and less frequently, dramatically, and your profile should reflect that).

Make sure your answer all inquiries as immediately as you can. This shows you are efficient in your use of inquirer’s, and your, time. Handle the priorities in order of perception of your expertise.

Read and absorb changes in your industry. Believe me, as LinkedIn expert, I have a lot to pull in, evaluate and expound upon on a constant basis. So do you, no matter what field(s) of work you pursue. Multipreneurs like me (and perhaps you) have an even more compounded expectation to be multifaceted as experts in multiple fields.

Tackle and digest for the prospective client who is weighing your expertise and ability to explain it to them. After all, they came to you for clarity. Be ready to explain, practiced in your choice of words and phrases, and have ready access to visuals to help explain the really complex aspects of your work.

Each challenging opportunity is yours to master and show your excellence.

Blogger’s note: I am so pleased that many of you have appreciated this series by commenting and resharing it as I rolled it out over the past 3 weeks. I may have hit a nerve in this 15-part series and am hopeful that it spoke to you in a healthy and insightful way, to look inward as you prospect outward.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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