The pandemic has to be recorded in history as two momentous years for intense introspection. I know I have expanded my thought processing and I hope you have taken it as a growth opportunity for increasing your inward improvement.

Understood, a nonprofit “dedicated to helping those who learn and think differently thrive at home, in school and in life” published a single page that hangs on my wall “15 growth mindset questions” that I will spin into ways to rethink your LinkedIn presence.

13. If it was too easy, how can you make it more challenging?

Once you are in a rut and the answers come too easily, you cease being creative and the lack of challenge can permeate your delivery, making you seem lackadaisical. Who wants to be associated with a lethargic vendor, or learn form a bored teacher? No one.

So look inward and find the areas of your field you have yet to master. Perhaps it’s an emerging trend in your industry, or a new technical innovation. You will likely be called on to address them at some point. No time to tap dance your way into a mealy-mouth reply. They’ll see right through that!

Or better, offer this new tangential area of your field to clients as an option to take them, and by association, you, to the next level in your relationship. That will differentiate you from the competition.

Or even more challenging, offer an open session with clients, associates, and prospects to “ask me anything” (AMA). I have been offering these sessions for uite a while and find the repeat attendees bring their friends, and the circle grows. This teaser of how well I do what I do so they will hire me is my demonstration to all that I will be challenged, and want to go further along in my field, as the changes indicate I must.

Welcome these challenges. Make your curiosity and drive seep/flow/gush out in your work.

Do you impress others with your growth mindset, enough to refer to you?