The pandemic has to be recorded in history as two momentous years for intense introspection. I know I have expanded my thought processing and I hope you have taken it as a growth opportunity for increasing your inward improvement.

Understood, a nonprofit “dedicated to helping those who learn and think differently thrive at home, in school and in life” published a single page that hangs on my wall “15 growth mindset questions” that I will spin into ways to rethink your LinkedIn presence.

6. How will you challenge yourself today?

In our pandemic cocoon we need to reach out, which is probably best done electronically. In any format, we rely on others to stimulate the best in our thinking.

The method (phone, email, zoom, etc.) is less the challenge. It’s whom we surround ourselves with to ask, or answert, as the reciprocal case may be, and that challenges our need to know it all, and to open ourselves to others who know more or something complementary to what you know.

You already connected to an elite entourage of cross-educational endorsees. Let’s collaborate the right combination of threads to weave into a tapestry.

Start by challenging yourself to plan, design, start, relate, rework, and mount your art, worthy of others sharing and referring and endorsing and recommending you. Not fun, but oh! the end result feels so good.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is answering this simple question well: why do you do what you do?

Your best answer may be challenging, but cathartic and revealing your value added to others.