LinkedIn is always changing. Believe me I know from the book manuscripts I submitted, days later only having to make last minute changes–even once while it was on the press!

You can keep up with major changes by subscribing to LinkedIn’s blog announcing coming attractions. Or you can see what I and my fellow LinkedIn coaches update you with, here, and on LinkedIn.

But is it changing for the better? Are the changes being used well?

Yes, it’s mindful to be on top of all the latest.

But it’s mindless IMHO to use them to excess (however you define that) as soon as they are introduced, like shiny pennies you feel you just have to pick up and use. You know what I mean, like polls and newsletters and any of the other enhancements that seem to be all the rage. Including emoticons (don’t get me started).

I always say I can teach monkeys to click the “like” button, but it’s business intelligent to tell WHY you liked it! Where’s your value-add, your branding?

These days, monkeys seem to create the polls and other distractions I am seeing and shake my head at. Digging further, their profiles are anemic and resume-y. They missed the point of LinkedIn as a powertool in your branding toolbox.

I would much rather you distill your creative juices and disburse your quality time tweaking your profile, yes, in everything you post and comment, as a high-quality source of inspiration, curation, ideation, and contemplation. Be “amazing-er” (my word) than the competition.

Then you will not flash, sputter, flame out, but rather radiate consistent warmth that will bring people to you as a memorable and reliable source of thought leadership and valuable content.

In the end you have to evaluate what’s your goal on LinkedIn:

1) attracting fleeting, low quality visual attention, in effect being annoying, by aping others’ similar antics,


2) being a cerebral brand, true to yourself, your business contribution, and for others to willingly refer, in the long game of being a professional.

Your choice. I’d go with door #2.