photo of people near wooden table

I say this all the time: all the good people in the world know each other.

And it was yet proven again. A friend took a new position at a company. The company name sounded familiar so I looked it up on LinkedIn and there it is: a friend of mine also worked there.

So I e-introduced one to the other via LinkedIn by sharing both LinkedIn profiles with my warm note indicating the connection that you perceive one could have with the other.

Here’s where you can start that process with either person. Find one of the LinkedIn profiles and share the personal profile URL of one to the other :

An unsolicited, curated e-intro is a gift. It shows you care about all parties enough to initiate a relationship that you facilitate.

My personal note is customized to the situation and the recipients, in this case:

X meet Y, Y meet X.

Y just took a new position at {company name} and I hope the two of you get to know each other there. Contact details:

Let me hear great things coming from this.

Best to you both,


Then, within minutes I received this message back, and once again, it proves my earlier impression that all the good people in the world know each other, or at least I can help make that happen more often:

Marc, thanks for thinking of me. I have known Y for some time and knew of his move to {company name}. He is going to do great!

Y-give me a call when you are settled into the new role. Looking forward to hearing about it! Speak to you both soon….X

I am pleased at the outcome and know I made a difference in that both know that I thought enough of them to make this effort.

The rest comes back to me pay-it-forward style.