I run into a lot of people who self-describe as not being “tech-savvy.” In reality “tech-competent” or “tech-confident” is more like it, to adequately use technology, making themselves more business savvy in what they are projecting online.

But you have to be brave enough to want to make mistakes, fix them, and learn from them. That may or may not mean you can design your own website. But it does include being able to market yourself and your company on LinkedIn. You only learn and retain new skills to build upon, if you want to.

Yes, it can be scary and confusing. But so is everything else you shirk and then come into midstream. Playing catch-up is a frustrating game.

Thankfully, LinkedIn skills are easier than being able to navigate a jet and less risky than performing remote control brain surgery. Let’s leave those to the highly trained.

All you need is the self-confidence and desire to learn some new tips and techniques surrounding best practices on LinkedIn, from me or another coach, or via online course (just look on YouTube to make your head swim with the possible offerings), or from a dummies-book (not that you are dumb). It all depends how you learn best.

And how you implement these new-found skills, as the graphic suggests. Everything in the ISTE graphic can be applied in the context of LinkedIn.

Think about it.

You want to appear your best on LinkedIn, to make them fall in “like” with you enough to want to get in contact you. The rest is up to you to seal the deal.