I write this reflection every year on the LinkedIn changes and themes I deem most worthy of my comment. Any day’s a good day to give thanks, but this Thanksgiving 2021, hopefully at the tail end of the pandemic, I’ve accumulated these top 10 things to be thankful for (with optimism for 2022):

  • Thanks, LinkedIn, for providing a global workspace where almost 800 million (up from 722 million last year) professionals can share ideas, information, articles, and interact better every year. The past 2 years were highly challenging as a result of COVID, but the market remains deep and hungry to learn LinkedIn best practices, and the demand to educate professionals in all walks of life is strongly anticipated in 2022.
  • Thanks for giving me an outlet for self-expressing “why me” as a potential business partner. I continue to refine how I use the pronoun “I” with power verbs, graphics, video, and gestures to show my true self, in my own words, thought, and style in a narrative format. Each year’s stories are quite memorable!

Blogmaster’s note: For the next few days I will add 2 more each day and take Thursday and Friday off.