No, this will not be a lesson in the steps how to write a LinkedIn article. That’s summarized in the LinkedIn Help Center here.

Rather, it will be an example for you to emulate, pull out once in a while when the mood strikes you, and reflect on, as you express your ideas in the best place on LinkedIn that allows you 40 thousands characters (not a typo!)–the Linkedin article.

I have written here about articles before:

So I want to twist the title above, I can tell you that the next link is is really HOW a master wrote an article-and you MUST read it, it’s so powerful and spellbinding that I had to share it with you!

The author is my friend’s son and I have to say, it’s a beaut!

Enjoy! Take style notes from this.

Share it with others who enjoy excellent writing.

That’s what I call learning by LinkedIn example, a little different orientation to today’s Back to Basics Tuesday post.