This came up in a recent “Ask Me Anything” session I held. I think it’s worth sharing with you here.

You posted something on LinkedIn and get a lot of views. Not many comments. But is that a success?

I believe a real success is posting something and generating a beneficial conversation around a topic others care about. That may be a few comments or a large number, but it’s the quality of the learning experience.

Not the number of click-views or lame comments with “thumbs ups.” What good do either do?

Not much. You neither know why they opened it or clicked the emoji.

Ho hum.

You are part of either of two scenarios:

If you are the originator of the much-viewed-and hardly-commented post:

Wait a few days and repost it, starting the new comment with “ICYMI, I posted this and while I was gratified with a large number of views. I’d really like to know what you thought of it, in words. Tell me why it meant something, how it makes your work better, what else you want to add. I open the post to your comments, beneficial to all.”

I bet that gets your readers’ creative juices flowing. Ask because most casual readers will not volunteer anything unless asked. And then when the discussion ensues, they will jump in once more, or a few more times.

If you are a reader of the post:

Take the initiative right away to be a contributing thought leader and put your opinions and vision out there. At least thank the originator for a provocative comment and explain why it was interesting to you. Go a step further, and monitor the conversation to dip back into it when it is appropriate for your point of view.

Advance the conversation one step further. Add the benefit of your experience, a tip or technique that has worked for you in the same context…something to complement your connection’s comment as a thank you for their contribution.

See how easily and quickly you can be a visible and respected contributor to the global watercooler of ideas and techniques that LinkedIn is? Try it a few times and I think it will become a new habit for you.

Habits lead to recognition and recognition leads to referrals and you know the rest of that story…