person holding green vegetables

On LinkedIn, sort-of.

I am (in)famous for going to the freezer in my garage, asked to look for something and after several frozen minutes, unable to find it. Even with what shelf it is on.

Then my eagle-eyed wife goes to retrieve it and in nanoseconds finds it.

It was right where I told you to look. Oh, hiding from me, to her in plain sight.

The other day I received a referral to contact someone who needs my LinkedIn coaching. Happy to. A name mentioned in the email to me (not to both of us); company name too, so easy to find on LinkedIn search as a result.

Contact details? Email address or phone number? Nope, other than a company website URL.

I dutifully went to the “contact us” on her website and then, and all too common these days, was presented with only an online form to fill out, to be contacted back with re my inquiry.

Not going there. Too risky to leave a public message in a company for what may perhaps be a private reason. What if it’s perceived she is looking for a new job? Should I be more discrete than engaging in an open-ended “contact us” message?

So I doubled back to the referrer with a warm thank you and a request for the email address of the referree, so we can start the mating ritual of my brand of LinkedIn coaching customized to her specific needs, whatever hers may be.

How can I contact her since she is hiding in plain sight?

Moral of the story: Provide all methods of contacting you on LinkedIn, or risk the searcher leaving your profile with his or her hands up in frustration, which you have to admit is not a good way to open a relationship without even exchanging a word.