Is it awakening and exhilarating each morning to find out what the day will offer and how you can rise to every occasion?

Is it liberating having no agenda for a full day other than to write your book or articles and think outside the proverbial box?

Is it exciting being super-scheduled, zoom calls or mask-to-mask meetings, one after another, all day long, always on your toes with clients who challenge you in the very best ways?

Is it fascinating how a big question a client poses, that you answer well, can help them achieve your dream?

Is it knowing clients want to include you as part of the braintrust in a project planning team to plot out the steps in a new strategy?

Is it relying on vendors to come through for you when you need to meet an aggressive deadline or a custom tweak to a usual service?

Is expecting high reliability and quality handling for all people in the client’s team by the people in your team a reality you can bank on?

Is it knowing that a certain deadline can be over-achieved and hearing from the client how delighted they are a luxury or an expectation?

Is it music to your ears when the iterative improvement to what you previously produced for them last year, with new twists you suggest new for this year, that the client says “Yes! Let’s do that! Thanks for thinking of this enhancement.”

Is it self-fulfilling that proposing an enhancement to your services shows you are at the top of your industry?

Is instituting new best practices that only large clients formerly could afford, that now you can offer within smaller clients’ budgets, something that makes them feel special?

Is it an unsolicited email or phone call as a project debrief, and the client tells you how they truly appreciate your relationship?

Or is it a combination of the above?

You can, and should, incorporate these high points into your LinkedIn profile (think: recommendations!) and add these achievements to your posts, all to demonstrate your work today culminates years of experience and portends the bright future of working with you.

I am asking you one more question: would you please tell us or we will never know?