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Back to basics Tuesday: Help, I need somebody

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How do you get help on LinkedIn the fastest way? Consult the Help Center on LinkedIn. Click the tiny round dot containing your headshot picture, found at the top right of any LinkedIn screen. Instant (nearly) gratification on a myriad of topics).

But what to do if that’s not providing you the answer you seek? Well, it may seem odd, but the next-fastest way to get help is by tweeting to @LinkedInHelp. Yes, you read that correctly, tweeting.

Ask your question as a direct tweet message to them and give as much information with any URLs needed so they can understand what you are asking, the best way you can show it. It may take a few hours or even a couple of days, or anything in between, but you will get a human response and that can begin a conversation that will eventually resolve your issue.

Yes, tweet for help on LinkedIn. Isn’t social media a crazy puzzle?

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  1. Marc, as always you provide good valuable information. Thank you for making it easier to navigate LinkedIn.

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