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No, it wasn’t me; others though.

Twice last week I heard stories of some people who contravened a community standard on LinkedIn and paid the price: temporary blocks put on their use.

But if this is an increasing tactic LinkedIn is adjudicating for behavior modification, my advice to you is mind your P’s and Q’s.

Temporary or, worst, permanent.

LinkedIn was never intended to be an airing of political, religious, morality or other belief, but rather a place to converse, civilly, professionally. It was never a place for guys to “hit” on women, although I have heard many stories about that being an offensive aspect that women suffer through. See section 8 of dos and don’ts here.

So, place the offenders in LinkedIn jail by blocking and reporting them if you feel taken advantage, or find something offensive and/or inappropriate there.

For you, I suggest you observe the rules on LinkedIn and stay on the high road of this global platform by advancing new ideas and sharing informative material, always staying reputable and honorable.

Be safe, be trustworthy, be a pro.