Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to basics Tuesday: is it the real me or 2 someones?

The other day I had several people look at my profile but not disclose their names or identities, as the case may be.

I am not worried about being looked at, but I wondered what-the-stealth?

I perused my Settings and Privacy on LinkedIn and saw that with a click of a button, I could be any of three different people:

But why hide who I am?

We have caller ID, right? Our electronic identity follows us everywhere we go online, so why does LinkedIn allow me to slink around as “Someone at GW Business School”, which I was in 1977-79 but not for a few decades since? Besides, that’s misleading, as a matter of fact.

And worse, why “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” which I share with 774 million others (and counting!)?

Just because LinkedIn allows you to, doesn’t mean you have to use it!

Even if I am a job seeker in the Great Resignation, my name and reputation is my net worth and my past experience and accumulated skills have to bear it out.

Besides, if this Resignation is so Great, your boss is probably looking for a new position too.

Don’t be sneaky. Unless you are a secret agent, and then that’s probably not in Headline, About section, or among your jobs on your Experience section.

Be yourself, proud to show your name.

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