Blogger’s note: Mark Iorio, Managing Partner, BCAT Partners, “gets” the power of the visual image to tell a story and spreads his content on LinkedIn and on other media. This story he tells surprised him and he learned a lesson that he shares with us here. He invited me to be on his TV show soon and I returned the favor of having him address us here. Thanks, Mark!

My business partner and I have come up with an interesting method of aligning teams of people with a purpose. Although that is not a novel idea, the methodology we use is different. I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression “think outside the box.”

It’s a metaphor that means to “think differently or look at something from a new perspective,” and even though the expression is a little worn out, it carries a vitally important message. Where thinking outside the box has a real-world application is in overcoming the difficulties encountered when you wish to convey your thought process to employees of a well-organized company.

The problem is what might be termed their “conventional wisdom”—the fact that most people think in a linear fashion or in a somewhat methodical, corporate way that restricts their thought processes.

The good news is that you have allies–others who are interested in a new perspective or concept. But, how to find them? Thankfully, there are communities of like-minded thinkers who are trying to make the world a better place, and one positive aspect of social media sharing is that you can find them online. I have frequently found creative organizers who are talking about the alignment of people with a purpose or brand and company culture on LinkedIn. Their response to a message is nearly always positive.

I suspect this happens primarily because most who want to advance a new perspective to organizations want to talk about how to do that with others who think like they do. You can try to communicate with metaphors and analogies all day long, but until you find a person who completely understands your more creative thought process, it’s likely to go unnoticed.

I have found LinkedIn to be one of the most useful networking platforms ever for this purpose. I connected recently on the platform with someone who wrote a blog post about silo thinking in businesses and marriages. Even though this gentleman happens to be a veterinarian, he understands how to break silos down to better communicate in any relationship or team.

LinkedIn has been the best way for us to communicate with new groups of people looking to help align their Brand and Culture. Some of our successes have been through tips and keys that we’ve posted on LinkedIn that have been quite helpful for organizations to abide by.

Honestly though, the best successes I’ve ever had on LinkedIn have been when I post something that connects with the audience in a very authentic and non-threatening way. I recently purchased a new custom cobalt blue suit, and the fitting took place on one of my television shows on RVN Television. When the suit came in, I was asked to try it on in the studio on live television and the photographer shot some still photographs that I posted on LinkedIn. I have never received so many positive comments and views with anything else when I posted on LinkedIn for the past decade.

It was incredible that something so benign and fun could create such a stir, but it did. The lesson to be learned is that just like in any instance, people do not want to be sold something. There are much more interested when your post is approachable, authentic, and fun.

What did I get out of the post? I believe more than anything, it was about engagement and hearing from people that I haven’t spoken to in many years. Beyond that? Who knows! It may have caught someone’s eye who may want to appear on one of my TV shows, engage me for business consulting, or just simply connect with me on LinkedIn. Either way, I learned a valuable lesson about brand marketing and how successful it could be when used properly on LinkedIn.


Mark Iorio is a highly accomplished Brand and Culture executive with a quick understanding of business challenges leading to insightful problem-solving solutions. He is an executive with a demonstrated track record of generating new business for a wide range of industries including software, educational institutions, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical and marketing firms.